In addition to the usual Policies, see COVID Policies below.



By booking an appointment you are reserving a block of my time exclusively for you and I ask you cancel or reschedule 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.



All appointments require MORE THEN  24 HOURS cancellation/rescheduling notice to avoid charges.  After 3 Late Cancellations, customer forfeits any use of the “Punch Card” or Free Services and potentially the ability to book future appointments.  If you elect to cancel a portion of services from the original booking once you arrive, this is also a LATE CANCELLATION. 

*EMAILING is not a valid form of cancellation. 



By booking an appointment you authorize this business to charge your credit card 100% of the scheduled value, should you miss your appointment or cancel your appointment without proper notification. CONSIDER IT A "YOU BOOK IT YOU BUY IT", if you book an appointment and don't cancel consider it charged! Failure to attend multiple scheduled appointments without cancelling prior to scheduled time customer forfeits the ability to book future appointments.  Customer will also be charged for the service(s) booked.  




I know being late is unavoidable at times, as a courtesy to the next customer your appointment will end on scheduled time.  Excessive Tardiness may lose appointment.  If you arrive late and we have to cut your appointment time, you will be CHARGED THE VALUE of the scheduled appointment. After multiple missed appointments due to Tardiness, customer forfeits any use of the “Punch Card” or Free Services and potentially the ability to book future appointments. 




If you are ill, I will not be able to provide you with service.  If you show up sick, you will be rescheduled and charged as a late cancellation.  If you appreciate me and what I do, please show me some love and don't come in sick (regardless o COVID19 status).





#1 ONLY ONE PERSON in my office at a time. No extra guests will be permitted. 

NO KIDS - NO EXCEPTIONS (Please understand this is a safety measure).


#2 Every person must bring and wear a CLEAN mask, keeping your mouth/nose covered the duration of your time in my office building.  One will be provided for you if you don't arrive with a mask.


#3 Facials that expose the mouth/nose will have a 24 hour and time of appointment symptom check in.


#4 Checks will not be accepted. Cash, Credit Card and ApplePay will be acceptable forms of payment.


#5 Arriving late to your appointment might mean you miss out altogether. Due to extensive mandatory disinfecting protocol, efficient "clean up" will require adequate time between each and every client. 


#6 Everyone's temperature will be taken upon their arrival with a contactless reader, if your temperature is 100.4 or higher you will not be able to receive service.


All of the above are non negotiable. Non compliance will be denied service and charged as a late cancellation. If any of the above refrain you from receiving service, cancel at this time.

Punch cards are on hold for the foreseeable future.  After the extensive closure of my business, generating revenue is my primary and necessary goal.  No free services will be given at this time.  Save your punch cards for future use.

PROTOCOL: I will be wearing PPE all day, with every appointment, mask, shield, gloves. Barbicide wipes, spray and soak before and after every appointment - on all affected surfaces.