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bring clients back month after month


Monthly Classes & Workshops

For Class & Workshop availability

Call/Text (303)960-5752 for a FREE one on one consultation

Training available for your Spa, Salon, Wax Studio staff!

Call/Text for more information.


Zenobia Rivera

Owner, Educator &

Licensed Esthetician at

The Eyebrow Lady PRO


I've made an award winning 17 year career and 12+ year business around EYEBROWS.


The Eyebrow Lady PRO is all about helping licensed beauty professionals level up their eyebrow shaping game. 

This class goes beyond the stencil. 

You only get one chance to turn a customer into a client, this In-Person eyebrow shape class will help you turn your brow ADD ON into a specialty service, increase your revenue and bring clients back month after month!


5280 Magazine Top of the Town Award "Best Eyebrow Wax"


Channel 4 CBS News "Top Spot for Eyebrow Thread Denver"


Listen to my interview with Spa Strong Business Coaching for more info

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this is a judgement free positive learning environment


Beginners Eyebrow
Shape Class


Experienced Eyebrow 

Artist Workshop



Mentor Zoom Hour


Are you a newly licensed beauty professional? Are you new to the service of shaping eyebrows? Are you looking to build and refine your eyebrow shaping skills? Are you looking to stand out among all the other estheticians in your area? This intensive 8 hour class is for you!

  • Exclusive PRO Brow Kit

  • Brow Model Demonstration

  • Brow Model Hands-On Training 

  • The Eyebrow Lady PRO Go To Guidebook To Eyebrow Shaping & Beyond

  • Client Consultation

  • Designing the Shape

  • Business Side of Brows

  • much more


You're a seasoned eyebrow artist but you're getting stumped with those exceptionally difficult brows? Maybe you're having difficulty figuring out what it is the client wants? Maybe it's been awhile since you've done brows and just need a short but intensive workshop? This 3 hour workshop is for you!​

  • Master the art of every eyebrow, difficult eyebrows, become one of the best eyebrow artists in your city

  • Client Consultation, difficult clients, how to better your consultation and understand what your client is trying to describe

  • Brow Model Hands-On Training 


Sometimes you just need one on one time with an expert in your field. It's a big commitment to sign up for professional coaching, Mentor Zooms are available in 1 hour sessions. This is a competitive business, lets chat about..

  • Assistance with solo business ownership, renting, protocols, customer service.

  • Setting business policies

  • Seek advice with difficult clients, how to build trust

  • Zoom Training "How To", real time guidance with difficult eyebrows, almost like I'm in the treatment room with you!



  • Under-booked?

  • Too many one time only clients?

  • Stressing how to bring clients back monthly?

  • Struggling with pre-booking clients?

  • Need more confidence with your brow skills?

  • Clients thinking of your brow wax as a basic add on rather than a specialty service?

  • Want to make more money with fewer brow clients?

  • Increase your revenue without buying into expensive equipment & supplies?

  • Want to make a name for yourself as a badass eyebrow artist?

  • State ID
  • 18 years or older
  • State Issued Esthetician License or Cosmetologist License


  • What's the difference between Beginners Eyebrow Shape Class and the Experienced Eyebrow Artist Workshop?


The main difference between the two is the time and the information covered. Beginners Class is an 8 hour class covering many topics,        observing and hands on training and includes a kit to get you going. The Experienced Workshop is a 3 hour intensive workshop for professionals who have been in the industry for awhile and wants to perfect their skills. 

  • Who teaches the classes and workshops?


I teach all classes and workshops myself. Zenobia Rivera the owner and sole esthetician at The Eyebrow Lady runs all classes and workshops. I never pass you off to someone else.

  • Who are these classes for?


I designed my classes, workshops and zooms for other licensed beauty professionals. Whether you're a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist who wants to learn how to do a true eyebrow shaping, these classes are for you all! 

  • What information is covered in class? 


Beginner's class a wide array of topics, including but not limited to the actual service of eyebrow shaping. Additionally we talk business, how to handle clients and so much more. The Experienced Eyebrow Artist Workshop goes right into hands on training, observation and methodology.

  • When are the classes and workshops offered?

Currently I offer Beginner's Eyebrow Shape Class and the Experienced Eyebrow Artist Workshop once a month each. The Mentor Zooms are available on a weekly basis, plenty of Monday & Friday's available. For availability please call or text (303) 960-5752.

  • Why did you decide to open an education PRO branch?


I decided to open an educational branch of my company after expanding my business and employing estheticians for 3 years. I realized while I'm not a huge fan of managing people I am a huge fan of educating other professionals in the beauty industry in the art of Eyebrows.

  • How do I book a class or workshop?


To schedule your class or workshop call or text (303) 960-5752. 

  • The classes are kind of expensive...


Think of these classes and workshops as an investment into your business and your career. I designed the courses to be tangible information and knowledge that positively impacts your business from the set out! If your business is feeling stagnant why NOT invest and give it the kick it needs?






TO (303)960-5752

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