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For Beautifully Healthy Skin...

The Brighten Up $80

This 30 Minute Facial is a powerful anti aging treatment, designed to reveal healthier, fresher, younger skin.  We begin with a cleanse, a light to strong Resurfacing Mask, then a cool down treatment.   This Facial will save you time and leave you looking younger and fresher!  Recommended every 4-6 weeks for best overall complexion.  


Get the Grime Out $100

Bothered by breakouts, black heads or dull skin?  In this 45 Minute Facial, we dive into a deep cleansing.  Also includes exfoliation, extractions, a high frequency treatment and finish off with a customized mask that suites your skin’s specific needs.  

Recommended every 4-6 weeks for clear complexion.


The Egyptian $115

The Egyptians believed Oils were an absolute necessity for the hot and dry climate.  Sound familiar?  In this 60 Minute Facial we will focus on layering your skin in rich, soothing and hydrating oils and mummy wrap you in infused towels. You'll zone out to an indulgent Hydrojelly mask while receiving a face, neck, scalp and décolletage massage.  Expect to walk out in a trance.  

Recommended every 6-8 weeks for a deep hydration.

The Total Revival $140  

This 75 Minute Facial is a total revival for your skin’s complexion and health.  We combine the best of The Brighten Up, The Get the Grime Out and The Egyptian, for a full skin 180.  Includes a clarifying exfoliation, extractions, massage, hydration, a High Frequency treatment and Hydrojelly mask.  Great for someone who needs a little of everything in their Facial.  

Recommended every 6-8 weeks for healthy skin and clear complexion.










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