Following the Policies below will help you schedule regular appointments and enjoy your appointment time with The Eyebrow Lady.  Thank You!


The Eyebrow Lady's shop was designed for adults, which also means it is not a kid friendly environment, i.e. sharp objects, hot surfaces, adult conversation.  In consideration of your child’s safety, I ask you refrain from bringing children under 4 years with you.  If you bring a child to your appointment, you will need to be aware of their safety AT ALL TIMES.  


By booking an appointment you reserve my time exclusively for you and I ask you cancel 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.


Appointments lasting 30 minutes or less require MORE THEN 1 HOUR notice to avoid charges.  

Appointments lasting 45 minutes or more require MORE THEN  24 HOURS notice to avoid charges.  

After 3 Late Cancellations, customer forfeits any use of the “Punch Card” or Free Services and potentially the ability to book future appointments.

*EMAILING is not a valid form of cancellation. 



By booking an appointment you authorize this business to charge your credit card 100% of the scheduled value should you miss or not cancel your appointment without proper notification.  CONSIDER IT A "YOU BOOK IT YOU BUY IT", if you book an appointment and don't cancel consider it charged! Failure to attend multiple scheduled appointments without cancelling prior to scheduled time customer forfeits the ability to book future appointments.  Customer will also be charged for the service(s) booked.  



I know being late is unavoidable at times, as a courtesy to the next customer your appointment will end on scheduled time.  

Excessive Tardiness may lose appointment.  If you miss 50% or more of your appointment time due to tardiness you will be CHARGED THE VALUE of the scheduled appointment.  After multiple missed appointments due to Tardiness, customer forfeits any use of the “Punch Card” or Free Services and potentially the ability to book future appointments. 



If you are visibly ill I will require you wear a mouth cover mask.  To avoid circulating illnesses, Please consider rescheduling to a later time (REMEMBER, WE ARE LITERALLY FACE TO FACE!).

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