When I set out to be an esthetician my goal was never to do eyebrows, quite the opposite.  


I went to school to focus my career entirely on skincare. During and after school I quickly became known for my eyebrow shaping.  I unofficially became the eyebrow lady thanks to my clients and my not-so-common name.  On numerous occasions I would run into a client outside of work, they’d freeze when they forgot my name and instead shout, eyebrow lady!  Years later I officially became, The Eyebrow Lady.  

With 16+ years in the industry I’ve been a receptionist, student, manager, educator, esthetician, award winning eyebrow lady and business owner.   With a strong desire to raise the standards in my industry, I decided to take a shot at my own studio.  Established in 2011, The Eyebrow Lady is still going strong! 

Voted "Best Eyebrow Wax" 5280 Magazine, "Best Eyebrow Threading" Channel 4 News



- Zenobia Rivera, The Eyebrow Lady